Music to My Ears

The first game of the season is always my favorite. One of the things I really love is the first drive into the stadium, seeing everyone hyped up for what will hopefully be a first win for their team.

Last Wednesday, as I drove into the parking lot of Giants stadium (I won’t call it Metlife, it’s always going to be the Giants Meadowlands to me), everyone was as excited as ever. But it was nothing compared to what was going on inside the stadium.

As soon as I was settled in my seat (seat 11, row 3, section 113), I noticed something other than the players warming up 20 feet in front of me. On the video boards, they were showing the players warming up with captions depicting the songs that were playing throughout the stadium. The first I saw was “In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins, from Justin Tuck’s iPod”, with a shot of Tuck stretching on the field with a smile.

How cool is that? The players get to sing along to their favorite tunes while warming up. When “Get Ya Mind Right” by Young Jeezy– Osi Umenyiora’s pick– started playing, Umenyiora was caught singing along.

My eyes became totally fixated on those video boards, watching to see what songs would be played next and which players picked them. I had to skip this week’s home game because of the Jewish holidays, but I cannot wait to see which songs are played next time.

See a preview of this week’s playlist:


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